How to Avoid Losing Money in Advertising by Using Marketing Research

In the game of marketing the goal is maximum ROI. We aim for 2x, 5x, 10x even 20x or more return on investment. But this comes at a cost. You can easily lose money on marketing and adverintg. Its not always as simple as putting money in and expecting a solid number. To get solid numbers, you need testing and research.

These two things are the backbone of successful marketing. You never know how well a campaign is going to do unless you have some type of data to help provide you with a prediction. You can reduce your advertising and marketing costs dramatically if you already know what works. You can produce quality data with simple testing, analytics and research.

Once you have done some research, this allows you to analyze what produces results so you can produce profitable campaigns with laser focus. If you want to know how to produce some quality adverting and marketing tests and research, here are a couple of effective methods.

  1. Ad Testing
    Split testing ads is one of the simplest way to do testing to see what your potential customers and
    clients respond to most. Most ad platforms have artificial intelligence that allows you to split test and analyze what ads work best.

    Ads are usually the beginning of your relationship with your prospects, so it really pays to spend time learning what ads work best. This will definitely give you a higher ROI. An ad can also be the difference between massive success and total failure.

  2. Landing Page Testing
    Once your prospects clicks on your ad, the next place they will be taken is your landing page. This is the prime opportunity to turn a click into an asset like an email, lead information, phone call or sale from your web site. This is another place that requires split testing in order to find what works.

    There are hundreds of ways you can create landing pages so you never know what works until you have something to compare. You can test an infinite number of variables including copywriting styles, images, and something s simple as changing and testing the color of your page can give you different results.

  3. Surveys and Questionnaires
    One way to gather marketing intelligence is by deploying a survey or questionnaire to your prospects and ask them how they are most likely to spend their money as well as any other questions that allow you to gain insight about how to sell more products and service. A simple survey can help you determine your target and avatar of the perfect customer or client and can tell you if you are on the right track in attracting the right people.
  4. Online Research Tools
    The are an abundance of online research tools that can provide valuable data and insight about your prospects. Many of these tools are free, including sites like Google trends, Alexa, Google Keyword planner, and facebooks ad planner. All of these tools can help you create quality content, ads, landing pages and campaigns most likely to attract the right audience to your business.

Research is key to successful advertising and marketing no matter how you do it. This allows you to quickly eliminate unprofitable and wasteful campaigns and target campaigns that produce results. If you want maximum ROI when spending money, efficiency is key to reaching 2x, 5x, 10x gains on marketing dollars and your time.