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Microbusiness Media is a digital marketing service for businesses  who want to outsource their marketing. We aim to generate through results oriented marketing efforts producing web site traffic, customer/client list building, leads, sales, repeat sales, and new customer & client aquisition for long term relationships. We understand that finding new cusotmers and clients and keeping them are the lifeblood of every business. 

We Focus on Results

SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube, Social Media, none of this means anything if you aren't getting results! However we have to do it, we find your prospects and customers online and bring them to your business so you can focus on making sales and delivering your product or service. We do this using a combination of marketing systems and results oriented advertising methods.

We Create Marketing Systems

We create marketing systems and then we get in front of your potential clients and customers to create a solid connection to your business. These systems are based on facts and information about your field and your industry, positioning you and your company as the experts. This makes the sales process easier by reducing customer friction and only bringing you customers and clients who are ready to do business.

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How the Marketing Audit Works!

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Once you submit your audit, I  will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your digital marketing and web presence to determine how to best reach your customers and bring them to your business. I also focus on customer and client retention for long term success and relationships. Well get together and talk about your income goals and how we Microbusiness Media can help you reach or surpass your target. 


We Navigate the Marketing Maze So You Don't Have to Do It!

  • Avoid the Hassles of Marketing and Advertising
  • Results driven marketing approach
  • Targeted advertising to get right in front of your customers
  • Completely outsource your marketing to Microbusiness Media

Our Marketing Process

We audit your marketing and show you how you can improve your results with our three step system.  This is a cost effective way to Create  efficient advertising and marketing.


We get your message in front of a targeted audience to generate data of prospects and potential customers.


We optimize your campaign for maximum ROI by analyzing the data and retargeting the source of the most effective results. 


We scale your business for maximum growth by efficiently combining your advertising dollars with the optimized campaigns we produce.

Start Your Marketing Audit
Our Marketing Services
Digital Marketing 
Effective marketing and advertising that
is most effective for your business, industry and location
Content Marketing

 Articles, blog posts and social media content that attracts prospects through organic search 

REnt Digital Properties

Rent our Industry related  web sites and brand them with your information for the fastest high quality traffic to your business!


Targeted keywords and phrases used to build quality content that makes it easy to be found by search engines

fAcebook Google Youtube Ads 

Targeted paid ad management with high converting ads designed to get results. 

REputation Management 

We can help manage your online reputation by increasing good reviews and monitoring your reputation online for negative information.  

Email Marketing 

Build opt in lists of qualified prospects for follow up marketing, warming up clients,  repeat sales, and upsells. 

Web Sites & Landing Pages

Dynamic, secure , content rich web sites and  high converting landing pages that attract your ideal audience and capture valuable information

lead Generataion 

Highly targeted, prequalified lead generation for higher closing rates and more sales. 


Analytics to track the behaviors and actions of your customers to understand how to serve them better 

Ad & Sales Copywriting

Copywriting that creates emotion and compels your audience to take action. This will increase conversions and decrease ad costs. 

WEb Site Traffic

Targeted web site traffic to your site for higher conversions and sales.

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Confused About Marketing?

We do your marketing so you don't have to. Outsource your marketing and advertising so your company can focus on delivering quality products and services to your customer and clients.

About Microbusiness Media

Microbusiness Media is a digital direct marketing company started by Rod Davis, a veteran of marketing and mortgage finance since the early 2000's. Rod's deep passion for an understanding of human behavior and finding better marketing strategies for connecting businesses with customers spawned the creation of Microbusiness Media.